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.... to everyone on my flist who celebrates :D.

Thank you all for sharing your lives and your craft.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out to embed the images I thought I would share :(, so I'll try linking to the set of 3 at my flickr:
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I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and lots of joy with any other seasonal celebration.

I'm still mostly silent on my own journal (no news there, right?), but I very much enjoy reading my flist every day (and miss it terribly whenever LJ has a black out).

Instead of a greeting card, I thought I'd share some photos I took earlier this month of some of the christmas markets in Dresden. Some where taken on one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany, the Striezelmarkt (the 577th this year), some on the period style market in front of the Frauenkirche (it is set up to look like it is set at the turn of the last century and has quite a lovely atmosphere).

This way to the set on my Flickr
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Yes, I am actually still alive and regularly reading everyone's posts (or at least trying to do so).

Real Life can occasionally be a bitch, which is why I have been even more silent than previously.

My uncle sent my mom a lovely Christmas card and I decided I just had to share it with you it is so precious :D.

This way to the card

And, since I don't know yet when I'll come around to posting again:
I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!


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