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You scored as Indie.






mainstream rock


classic rock


Pop Punk




















what breed of music are you?
created with's kinda right. Most CD's I bought in the last years could probably be sorted in the indie category. Linkin Park, Evanescence (well with these two it probably depends on your POV if you classify them as Indie or not), Chamber (that one is definitely Indie). And my Bollywood addiction influenced what I got in the last months, but that doesn't really fit into any of the best you could (maybe) call it Ethno Pop or something like that.
But I looooove it. I can't imagine a day without at least the music from my favorite films. I could stand a day without a movie (barely) but without the music? I'd probably start having withdrawal pretty soon ;-).
Plus, the majority of the songs has that "feel good"-effect that makes you feel better if you've been feeling blue. And that's definitely a positive thing, hain na? (Err, sorry... I meant..isn't it?)
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I helped [ profile] dashan see the light (8 points). Last month I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last Thursday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] ximeria (-5000 points). In March I farted in an elevator (-6 points). In April I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-4978 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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Mujhe maaf karte please, main bahut busy thi.....erm, sorry wrong language ;-). (In case you're wondering: I said "please forgive me, I've been very busy..." ;-).)

Yeah, I am still alive and kicking.
So is my Bollywood /Shah Rukh Khan addiction.
Not a single day goes by that I don't watch at least one bollywood-movie and listen to the songs.
I haven't spent this much money in this short a time on any of my fandoms, as far as I remember and I don't regret a single cent I spent.

I'll probably post my second ever Stargate ficlet sometime in the next couple of days, it timed out from the zine it was first published in. We'll see.

Oh and I thought I'd try a new style for my LJ for a change.
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Oh boy has it been long or what?
I had some pesky real life stuff to deal with. I'll hide that behind the cut to avoid boring you.

RL stuff  )

Now to my reason for reappearing in LJ-land: I just had to share :-). I have caught myself a new addiction :-).
German TV has shown about 3 recent Bollywood movies in the last couple of months. The last one was on about 2 weeks ago and I caught the tail end of it and liked it enough to tape the re-run the next day.
Then I sat down last Sunday, being bored and decided I should go watch the tape....and as they say the rest is history.
I became addicted. Boy that movie is fun!!!

It's a typical Bollywood masala being that it mixes a handful of plot pieces. It has action, a love story, drama (inside a family and otherwise) and a sprinkle of a social message. And it doesn't take itself the least bit seriously.
It's called Main Hoon Na and stars Bollywoods biggest star of the last decade, Shah Rukh Khan.
He plays Ram, an Army Major who is sent undercover to a college to protect his CO's daughter from a terrorist and also meets his long lost half-brother while on the mission.

Go here for a more detailed description.

The music that is an integral part of all of Bollywoods productions is really very much of the "feel good"- variety here.
And there's eyecandy up the wazoo. (Shah Rukh, Zhayed Khan who plays his half brother Lucky, and both guys love interests are nice to look at too.)
Which definitely is one of the reasons I have been watching my tape at least once a day since last weekend. Yes I'm shallow, why do you ask? ;-)

I love how Ram does a Neo to avoid the spittle a teacher has been sending his way. I love how he can't help but break into song everytime he sees his love interest. I love love love the music! I dare anybody to not at least twitch at hearing it. You just want to jump up and sing and dance along.
And I have a sneaking suspicion the last fight with the bad guy might just be a copy (at least in parts) of the fight between Neo and Morpheus in Matrix after Neo said "I know Kung Fu." SRKs stance at the beginning of that scene sure looks a lot like Neo.

So if anyone knows of any good source for SRK-icons, let me know okay?

Soo I went out and got me a copy of the Soundtrack which since then has been playing pretty much non stop. And I bid and won on ebay for DVDs of two of Shah Rukh's other films and am waiting anxiously to get them delivered.
Am seriously considering learing Hindi to better appreciate it all....well we'll see.

That's it from me for now, I'll try to be around more in the future.

Oh, and [ profile] elfbert? Consider yourself nagged about that DK autograph :-).
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A short time ago I was listening to the song Blue Eyes by Elton John. And I
had the time to really listen to the lyrics and though that this would make
a good J/D vid (ignoring the "she"s and replacing them with "he"s isn't that
Sooo, any of you vidders out there feel like trying to make a vid on this
song? Or maybe someone already had that idea? If so could anyone point me to

Or maybe someone's bunnies perk up at the lyrics? A story would be cool too.

Thank you very very much in advance. The lyrics are below. I got them from, thanks [ profile] nicci_mac :-).

Artist: Elton John
Album: Greatest Hits 1976 - 1986
Title: Blue Eyes

Music by elton john
Lyrics by gary osborne
Available on the album jump up

Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue blue day
Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
When the morning comes
I'll be far away
And i say

Blue eyes
Holding back the tears
Holding back the pain
Baby's got blue eyes

And she's alone again

Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a clear blue sky
Watching over me
Blue eyes
I love blue eyes
When i'm by her side
Where i long to be
I will see

Blue eyes laughing in the sun
Laughing in the rain
Baby's got blue eyes
And i am home, and i am home again
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Grabbed from [ profile] alyburns
(Hope it works.)

You scored as Musical/Rhythmic. You are sensitive to sounds in your environment, enjoy music and prefer listening to music when you study or read. You learn best through melody and music. People like you include singers, conductors, composers, and others who appreciate the various elements of music.
















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
created with

Well they did definitely get the "listening to music while studying or reading"- part right. I can't stand total silence when I do either of those.
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Grabbed from [ profile] ximeria

Yeah, I'm a lemming! So sue me! Nothing new there after all *points to very first entry to this LJ* ;-).

You are fresh-ground coffee, black, first thing in the morning.
You are fresh-ground coffee, black, first thing
in the morning.

You are a life-giving substance. The US government
has secret stockpiles of you hidden in caverns
under the Rockies. When for some reason you
are late to a meeting, world financial markets
are thrown into chaos. Your presence can cure
warts and mild depression, and when you enter a
room, you diffuse a gentle fragrance that
reminds people of the happiest moment of their
childhoods. Cats and children adore you; they
curl up at your feet, where they torment small
crawling things and occasionally lick your

What kind of coffee are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Took me three tries to get an answer that actually fit, even though black is not my kind of coffee, I need sugar (and milk if I can). The first two times put me as instant coffee and even though I admit not having a problem with instant if there's nothing else available or I'm in a hurry, the rest of the result could hardly have been further off from the truth.
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Got this from [ profile] alyburns

Very Stargate Smart
Are you Stargate Smart?

brought to you by Quizilla

Hehe, yup thats about right. Though I don't own the DVDs (can't afford them or I would). I just looooove all those little quizzes.

The other stuff:
Two weeks ago I saw the CD release concert of my favourite band.(They are called Chamber and their music is a goood mix of pop, rock, folk and gothic. In case you're interested (and if you're a Highlander fan you've probably seen the singer before *eg*) here's their homepage and they also have little clippies of their music there so you can hear for yourself what they sound like.)
That was my fourth release party with them and I have to admit they rarely had more problems sound wise than this time :-(.
Us regular visitors are used to the occasional "ooops what was the next line of text" or "sorry did I just miss something? oh right I should have started singing already" and that's part of the fun. But usually the guys and girls managed to sound better than this time.

But and that is a BIG plus: the atmosphere was as good as always. And Max (that's the singer had us fans eating out of his hand as always. And there were lots and lots of funny moments. All in all: I know whenever I'll have another chance to see them I'll be there. It's just waaaay tooo much fun to miss.
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Got these from [ profile] shauriangel...

Jack/Daniel, but of course

What Jack O'Neill do you like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Does it fit? Hell yeah!!! It sooooo does :-).

Which cult classic badass are you? by rook901
Favorite Eating Utensil
You are:
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hmmm... I think I've seen Pulp Fiction in its entirety (from start to finish in one sitting) exactly once...I dunno...But I do kinda like those two.
Edit: I removed the link to the pic of the main characters from PF provided with the quiz results since it got everybody looking at my LJ a login request for some midsouth-url. Hope that fixes this.


Sep. 27th, 2004 12:10 am
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After two years of only reading Stargate fanfic I finally managed to write one.
Since it can't go where I had intended it to go and I don't have a website I decided to share it here.
I guess I should probably warn you that it deals with the events of Meridian.

Go here if you want to read it :-) )

Okay now I only have to convince the Daniel-muse Jack brought along on his second visit that it's okay to tell me the rest of the other story Jack decided to share. Wish me luck ;-).


Sep. 19th, 2004 10:39 pm
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Oh no I don't believe it.
It's been yet another month :-(.

Well, anyway....why I'm writing this is the following: I've recently been visited by a Jack O' Neill muse. He wanted to talk about what he really felt during Meridian. Well...I listened.
Now the story is complete and needs to be beta read. Since it is my very first in this fandom I don't have a regular beta. I've already asked on the one SG1- list I'm on and unfortunately haven't had an offer yet.

Anybody willing to help me? Please? *begplead*
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Your LJ RPG Team
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Weapon of Choice
Your Partner alyburns
Your Warrior ddayspring
The Giggly, Flirtatious Magic User with Big Breasts ninkasa
The Talking Animal meninaiscrazy
Main Archenemy probodie
Evil Incarnate ddayspring
This Quiz by ass_ - Taken 99015 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

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picture of fawn

brought to you by Quizilla

Everbody: awwwwwwwww ;-).

I loooooove quizzes.
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Gacked from pretty much everyone on my friends-list.

The University of Blogging

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of
Self Deprication

Majoring in
Quiz Addiction


Blogging Degree

Well for lack of anything to say I decided to do another quiz.
Still thinking about putting up what little fanfic my so called muses have graced me with inspiring (all Highlander). (Though I find myself playing sounding board and throwing out ideas to a friend who writes Sentinel, so far inspiration didn't strike there or in SG-1 or ENT.)
Trouble is: it's all in German.
Sooo anybody tell me: Do you wanna read it?

A month?

Jun. 20th, 2004 10:18 pm
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Has it really been a MONTH since I last posted? I don't believe it.
My, my we have been lazy.

Part of it probably had something to do with me being all upset over some ass who thought it would be funny to steal my almost new mobile phone when I'd only had it for barely a month.
That meant going almost crazy at first with hope I had left it at home after all and cursing a blue streak when I discovered I hadn't.
Then it meant going mad at having to try 3 numbers before I could tell someone to cancel the SIM-card so at least the people who stole it can't phone on my cost any longer.
And of course heading to the police.
And on top of it all it meant I had to get myself a new mobile because the contract runs for another almost 2 years (and we can't afford to pay that without using it) and I don't get a new phone from the company until the end of the contract (and then only if I renew the contract).

Thankfully Ebay helped solve at least that problem: got myself a nice Nokia 5510 with pretty much all the equipment you can think of for only 50 Euro (postage and package included). A real bargain considering most other mobiles there that I had watched went for waaaaay more than that (ranging from 60 plus p&p to way over 100 Euro).
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You seem older than your years, like a wise sage.
Your head always either buried in a book, or
discussing what you have learned with others,
you are Thoth. The creator of writting, and
language, you are full of wisdom. When you
talk, people listen, knowing they will learn
something new.

Which Ancient Egyptian Diety are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @

Woah. I'm a Gryffindor? Cool.
Funny how I always either end up there or in Ravenclaw if I do a Sorting Quiz.
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Friday I went shopping.
And what do I come across?
The 2 DVD Edition of X-Men 2.
Whats so special about that you ask?

Well it had Peter Wingfield on the big screen for one.
Peter in a really big blockbuster production. Way cool.
His first appearance is of the "blink and you'll miss him"- variety it but it gets better.
He even has the whole screen to his very gorgeous (if you don't mind me saying so) self.
And it was at a very good discount (almost half of the last price I'd seen it at).

Sooooo, even though I don't really have the money I had to have it.

Now I only need the time to actually view it.
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from [ profile] indehed's LJ

my immo
My Immortal

*What Song by Evanescence are You?*
brought to you by Quizilla

*hoping like hell this works*

I love that song to pieces.
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The stupid bitch who just about made me wanna puke with her presentation of the red carpet at this years Oscars (Hi I'm Anke from Germany we met before (yeah sure _once_ for a couple of minutes god knows how long ago) do you remember me huh huh huh? ) is going to get her own effing LateNight Talkshow.

And this from the station that once claimed the unofficial title Star Trek station. And then made us wait for the first season of Enterprise until the US was already almost finished with season 2.
Oh and, finishing a season? What is that? Do we really have to? Wouldn't it be way more fun for you viewers if we stopped 8 eps before the end of the season and started a full rerun of season 1 instead? Oh and of course we are not going to give you even a hint of when the hell we are planning on showing the rest of season 2 much less when / if we ever show you season 3.

Gaaaahh. Makes you wanna go out and torture the ones responsible for such decisions with 24/7 of StarSearch and daily talk of the lowest level (and that would be mild).