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Firstly: Yes I know I'm awfully late in doing this, but I spent most of my Christmas with my parents, with little access to the internet and simply didn't really have an opportunity to do this before now :-).

I hope you have/had a wonderful Christmas / Hannukah/ midwinter celebration of your choice :-).

Thanks to all those who sent me snail mail greetings (waves at [ profile] elfbert) :-) I enjoyed them a lot.

Someone on one of my yahoo-lists sent a very cute, lovely Hallmark card that I had wanted to share, unfortunately their site is unavailable right now. Hmm, maybe I'll be able to post the link later, I'll try to anyway.
EDIT: Here it is (hope it works)

Now if only DHL would get off their arses and get me my amazon package. I ordered last tuesday, amazon told me it went out to be delivered on tuesday and DHLs last message on their tracking site is from friday stating delivery would be made on the next workday (that is saturday)...however: no package, no message saying it was delivered to a neigbour because of me not being there when they tried to deliver...they better get it here tomorrow or I'm going to really get MAD!!! (Sorry for the yelling, but I want the DVD in this package very badly, I already went half crazy going to all the stores last monday  (which was the official release date) in the afternoon/evening being told everywhere that sorry, no they didn't have it yet).


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